Set/Costume Designer

The production by COT artistic director Andreas Mitisek... was an object lesson in resourceful use of limited means. The youthful ensemble was clad in black body suits, complemented by a cape here or a helmet there for character designation. All carried long wooden staffs which, when combined with evocative projected images of seascapes and medieval stonework, variously served as weaponry, a thicket of sheltering trees, or the oars of a majestic ship. A storm at sea was cleverly achieved as each held their staff horizontally, and swayed rhythmically to and fro while raising and lowering each pole in a carefully calibrated wavelike motion. One could almost feel the force of the ocean beneath them. The effect was spare and straight to the senses, much like the music itself. This mounting represented Mitisek at his innovative best.

Mark Thomas Ketterson Opera News